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From Patricia Mary Ward, B.Ed., M.A., who is UKIP prospective parliamentary candidate for the constituency of Putney (including Southfields and Roehampton). A Putney resident since 2002, Tricia aims to capitalise on her experience of working and studying in the UK and overseas for the benefit of her local and wider community. Former journalist, Tricia is currently a university tutor. She has also taught in a secondary school in Yorkshire, where she was born and raised.

Towards a Better Quality of Life

UKIP Policies to win the Best Deal for Britain

Exit the EU to:-

Save Billions of Pounds- to be Spent on UK Public Services, not Europe
Retake our WTO seat- to create mutually beneficial global Free Trade relationships
Job options – The EU depends on the UK for Jobs – not us on them
Secure Borders- End porous EU borders being our porous borders
Support personal Freedom- Protect Freedom of Expression & Lifestyle
Regain Respect- No to asking German dominated EU permission to run our own affairs

Wandsworth Borough UKIP ppcs take the High Street

UKIP Putney prospective parliamentary candidate Tricia Ward supports:-

Taking pressure off British Tax payers:-
Stop using the UK credit card to pay for EU bureaucracy and extravagance. Save billions of tax payers’ pounds on all EU costs. Abolish tax on the minimum wage and inheritance.

Enhancing Healthcare:-
Much more money for the NHS from immense EU exit savings. Reduce NHS pressures by ending health tourism. Private health cover to be a condition of entry condition to the UK.

Extending Education options:-
British talent to be nurtured via more diverse secondary schools and reduced university fees for shortage-skills courses. Promote apprenticeships and the link between education and jobs.

Boosting British Employment:-
Prioritise employment of British workers in British jobs. End application of the EU working time directive. Time-limited, points-based work permits for global migrant workers filling skills gaps.

Protecting the vulnerable:-
Ensure welfare really benefits those who truly merit help. Benefits only available to UK citizens and those who have contributed here for over 5 years. Make welfare provision cost effective.

Eradicating crime:-
Foreign criminals denied UK entry. Frontline policing to be supported. Extradition treaties to replace European Arrest Warrant. Exit European Human Rights Court. No votes for prisoners.

Honest housing:-
Prioritise social housing for local people and ex service personnel. Reducing immigration will reduce pressure on housing. Exploit brownfields not the green belt. Reduce brownfield costs.

Realistic Energy policy:-
Free the UK from dependence on costly imports by exploiting all local energy options. Scrap EU imposed green taxes and costly wind turbine subsidies. Boost energy efficiency to reduce bills.

Scrap the costly HS2 and save money to help pay for pensioner bus passes. Foreign vehicles to purchase a Britdisc on UK entry to pay for upkeep of roads. No more UK road tolls.

National government:-
Devolved nation MPs to vote only on their nation’s and UK-wide issues, not English-only issues. Introduce MP recall whereby 20% of a constituency electorate sign a petition within 8 weeks.

Local decisions on local issues:-
Local and national referenda on developments that have a major impact on neighbourhoods, such as building on and cutting up the countryside to extend airports, highways, railways.

Care in the global community:-
Aid for humanitarian crises, otherwise trade to replace aid. People at home and abroad need a fair day’s pay or a fair day’s work, not handouts. UK financed aid contracts to British workers.

For more on UKIP policies, ref http://www.ukip.org/policies_for_people

To support UKIP policies/help with leafleting, canvassing or funding, pls. join us every 3rd Monday of the month at the Spread Eagle in Wandsworth and/ or forward your:-
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